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Married women who had sex outside marriage were stoned to death. Sex outside marriage remains illegal in post-Taliban Afghanistan, and the prisons are full of women who have been convicted of 'fornication,' a charge that carries a penalty of from five to 15 years in jail." "The law prohibits prostitution; however, it remained a problem...The country was a source country for trafficking of women and children for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor, although there has been a slow but steady decline in the number of persons trafficked each year.Greece is the main country of destination for trafficked women.

Donate one time or set it and forget it with a recurring monthly donation. This page details 100 countries' policies on prostitution, brothel ownership, and pimping.According to media reports, there were fewer than 5,000 women involved in prostitution in the country, approximately 1,500 of whom were in Yerevan.Police and other security forces reportedly tolerated prostitution...They have formed the Association of Women Prostitutes of Argentina, or Ammar - the word amar means to love in Spanish - ... In the coming months, the nine-year-old organisation plans its boldest step yet: to demand government recognition as an official union.It would be the first such union in Latin America and one of only a handful in the world...

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Authorities deported one victim and the other voluntarily returned to her home country with the support of the Bureau of Gender Affairs.

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